Bernadette Herrera | Graphic Designer + Illustrator
Graphic Designer + Illustrator

Cancer Culture & Community Empathy Cards

Purdue University's Cancer Culture and Community, organized by Discovery Park's Oncological Sciences Center, hosts an annual colloquium that features films, gallery exhibitions, poetry readings, and lectures by nationally renowned creative professionals. 


The 2015 colloquium, titled Empathy and Ethics, hosted an empathy card workshop in partnership with the YWCA. I participated in a group collaboration that created a series of empathy cards inspired by Emily McDowell, the creator of the Empathy Cards project. A group of cancer survivors and their loved ones workshopped empathy messages, which were used in the cards. I designed a series of three empathy cards for the project.


The Lafayette Empathy Card Project was exhibited at the Fountain Gallery in Lafayette, IN. All of the cards presented in the exhibition were made available for purchase in-person at the colloquium events, and the proceeds benefited the local YWCA.